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About D. Lasha

Dirneshia L. Hughes, founder of D.LashaStylez has become known for her amazing creativity in hair from Citronelle Alabama. Starting with a desire to style her family and friends hair as a teenager, Dirneshia decided to pursue cosmetology in 2010 at Remington College. After giving birth to her son,
she began braiding at home to make a living, then her skill level took off in a direction she never imagined, she started expanding beyond her dreams.

She considers herself a “natural-born hairstylist”. Dirneshia has always been a person who saw the beauty in having confidence and high self esteem in doing hair and it gives her that feeling of empowerment that she’d like to share with others. Making people feel good about themselves is her dream and passion. Pleasing her clients and providing the best customer service is her ultimate goal. Come see why her clients continue coming back!


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